a friend of mine introduced this .... where this goes ... nobody knows ....
but it can be VERY funny ..... i think that this is the perfect place for this
thread .... here's a little history and rules.

thread ran for 3 yrs till the site went down and was by far and away the
most successful thread on the site, the membership participation was

Saga is an ongoing story, depending totally on where the last poster
wants to take the journey. Sometimes a certain storyline/adventure will
last for months, sometimes only a day, again depending on the

Rules are simple, basicly there are none. All site rules apply re
bashing etc etc. This is not a place for hurt feelings and paybacks, no
personal attacks----don`t laugh at others if you can`t laugh at yourself
cause you`ll never know where another member may take you.. Often there
are "spinoffs" to what may develop into a main story and we may find
several adventures going on at the same time which is fine. Inuendo is
fine but be reminded of site rules.

BE WARNED......Once you post in this thread you are automatically
included in the storyline and any member at any time may include you in
his/her post. Each post can be as short or long as the poster wishes.
Keep it light, funny, use your imagination, it`s up to you if the thread is successful..........

All that out of the way.... I`ll start us off, remember it`s a continuing story.........

The Saga Begins...........

Cobra was seething, he looked outside saw the cold and snow, he knew he
was trapped inside in front of the TV for Super Bowl. He was fully aware
that Buford had Super bowl tickets and had planned on impressing his
new gal with a trip to warm sunny Dallas for the game. Cobra would have
none of it----he slammed down his beer, packed hastily and started the
trek to Dallas. Stopping only long enough to pick up dead city, zero & dark angel. they began making their devious plan of ridding Buf of his
good time. An unsuspecting Buford was